King Soopers Cards Make Money for Aspen Creek at NO COST TO YOU

For just $10 you can purchase a RELOADABLE King Soopers card today and shop away!  You keep this card and reload it whenever it runs low.  Aspen Creek K-8 will receive 5% of all money put on cards each month.

When you spend $200 a week on groceries for your family, you will be donating $10 a week to Aspen Creek K-8.

$10.00 a week X  52 weeks = $520

Your family alone could support Aspen Creek K-8 with $520 a year just for buying groceries!

Imagine the possibilities:

If we had 500 families spending $200 a week on food using the reloadable cards, we could raise $260,000 a year just from King Soopers!  Imagine all the wonderful programs we could provide the kids of Aspen Creek K-8 just from grocery shopping!

King Soopers reloadable cards can be purchased from the Aspen Creek K-8 PTA.  Contact Julie Haman at to purchase your card.

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