OCHO Project

This year, PTA will be sponsoring the OCHO project.  This is an exciting opportunity for our students to begin learning about the importance of community service and their ability to make a difference!  We will be hosting Marilyn Perlyn, author of The Biggest and Brightest Light and creator of the OCHO project at Aspen Creek in September.  She will meet with all of the students to help launch this service-learning project.

The OCHO Project is a character building and literary based service-learning program that is dedicated to exposing children to the joys of reading while teaching them that, through reading, they can help others less fortunate than themselves. OCHO stands for Opportunities for Children to Help Others. The prime objective of the program is to have students read not only to expand their own knowledge but also to help “earn” books for their fellow students who have few or no books of their own. Students will “serve” and “learn” while building character values. Students are able to apply knowledge in real world settings by learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

The goal of the program is to expose children to local and global issues related to literacy, encourage them to voice their concern, and then seek a solution that they are capable of doing that will bring about change.

Through The OCHO Project, students read eight books, earn eight OCHO points through academic reading activites, collect Small Change for a Big Change, and use donated books to create a book fair for kids who have few or no books of their own. The program has measurable results in the number of books that students read and in the number of books obtained for the book fair

For more on the OCHO Project, go to http://www.biggestandbrightestlight.com/ochoproject.html

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